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Back Injuries Support
Your back is a vital part of the body. It supports your body, making your everyday movements and activities possible. Like your other body areas, your back is prone to injuries resulting from a ruptured disc, muscle spasms, ruptured soft tissues, car accidents, falls, and sports injuries. Moderate to severe back injuries or lower back injuries cause difficulty moving for the affected person. The patients also experience acute or mild pain, which affects their quality of life.

ExtendaTouch has an online support service for back injuries, where you can meet and exchange information and ideas with other individuals who have gone through similar experiences. Our members can provide you with emotional support, besides discussing with you the symptoms and directing you to helpful resources.

Back Injury Treatment
It is not a good idea to neglect your back injury, no matter how mild you consider it to be. Sometimes, mild back injuries progressively become severe if not treated timely. The symptoms can also get worse over time. Home treatment may not be sufficient to cope with the condition, especially when chronic back pain kicks in.

You may be advised to take bed rest as part of treatment for your back injury, in addition to physical therapy. Long-period bed rest helps your body and spinal cord heal. Physical therapy helps improve blood flow to the affected area, helping it to recuperate. Also, it can reduce the risk of the injury and its symptoms from becoming severe.

Getting authentic and useful information and advice can be helpful when seeking medical intervention to treat back injury. Connect with ExtendaTouch members to know about their back injury experiences. They can tell you about the symptoms they experienced, and the treatment options they used. Request contact with other individuals in our online support group and start exchanging information.

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Experiencedcaregiver, Volunteer
I have had back issues for the past ten years. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and had a laminotomy. Although it helped greatly with sciatic pain, I found that epidurals were the answer for me. I've had three to four per year, and it has been a lifesaver. I avoided another surgery. I go to the gym regularly and do planks and upside down bicycling, which has built my core strength. I'd be happy to discuss back issues.
I care(d) a total of 10 years for a male