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Frustration and anger are common symptoms found in a child with autism. Autistic people experience trouble communicating and expressing their feelings. As such, they display frustration and anger.

Also, as a caregiver for someone with autism, you know things can become stressful and challenging that can create frustration for you as well. So, what can you do to alleviate the frustration of your loved one as well as your own?

ExtendaTouch has an autism helpline full of caregivers who share their experiences, besides giving free ideas, information, and advice to fellow caregivers. You can use our autism helpline to connect with people who relate and get help to cope with autism-related frustration.

How to Alleviate Autism Frustration
When caregiving for someone with an autism spectrum disorder, it is essential first to keep your own reactions and emotions under control. Understand that autistic individuals react with frustration because they lack proper coping skills. Displaying frustration and anger doesn’t mean they are challenging your authority.

The key to alleviating the frustration of people with autism is to build a positive relationship. Demonstrate warmth, love, and self-control, so the individual knows you actually care. Avoid power struggles and, instead, learn to listen, agree, and apologize.

Make sure to do autism research by using only reliable information tools and resources to find helpful tips and coping strategies. Consider seeking help from the Autism Response Team (ART) members who are specially trained to connect with individuals with autism.

Never hesitate to seek support to help your loved one who has autism. For instance, it is a good idea to join an autism support group to ask for help.

You can gain from the experiences and ideas of people who have gone through similar situations. The best place to find such people is ExtendaTouch, which is an autism support group online for family caregivers to meet and support each other. Request contact to our unpaid members now and ask for ideas and information to alleviate frustration for children with autism.

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