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Caring for someone with osteoarthritis can be stressful and confusing. As a new caregiver, you may not know where to begin. The best thing you can do here is to reach out to support groups.

If you need guidance to care for a person with osteoarthritis or support for yourself as a caregiver, our community members are here to help you. ExtendaTouch is your online helpline to meet with and get help from real people who have experience caring for people with osteoarthritis.

What is Osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that affects millions of people worldwide. This type of arthritis affects the cartilage in the joints and ultimately leads to joint breakage. It affects the hips and knees in most cases. The disease can also target the finger, spine, and toe joints.

Like other types of arthritis, osteoarthritis creates joint pain and stiffness. The pain may radiate beyond the joints, making it difficult to walk and use certain body parts. You can ask ExtendaTouch members to recommend you effective methods for reducing pain for your loved one.

People with arthritis experience reduced quality of life as a result of limited physical activity. They require physical and emotional support as the condition becomes severe, such as when joint damage occurs.

Caring for Someone with Osteoarthritis and for Yourself
Caring for a loved one having osteoarthritis is not as easy as it might seem. You have to be available most of the time to support the person and help him, or her follow the treatment plan. Losing weight and doing low-intensity exercises can help cope with the discomforts. As a caregiver, you are supposed to help the person with these activities.

There are numerous challenges, both physical and emotional, that you may face as a caregiver. To provide better care for people with osteoarthritis, you need to care for yourself in the first place.

ExtendaTouch is an online osteoarthritis community where you can get free ideas, information, and emotional support for your loved one or yourself. You can connect with many experienced family caregivers through our osteoarthritis helpline, who would do whatever they can to help you. And you get all of this free of cost.

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