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ExtendaTouch is an online support forum for family caregivers dealing with people suffering from different diseases. If you are caring for a loved one having idiopathic arthritis, you can connect with our fellow caregivers here to get free information, advice, and support. Our platform provides caregivers like you volunteer opportunities for sharing your experience.

About the Disease
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is a type of arthritis that affects children under the age of 16. It affects the hand, knee, wrist, and ankle and other joints in the body, causing inflammation and pain.

JIA is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that it is caused when the immune system attacks body cells and tissues by mistake, causing joint and organ damage. The disease inflames and eventually damages the cartilage cushions that help the joints move smoothly. The patient experiences pain in the affected area. The pain and swelling make it difficult for the person to walk and move the affected body areas.

A child suffering from this condition requires physical and moral support. Since treating the disease is not possible, it is a great help for someone with the condition to have a family caregiver around during his or her fight against arthritis.

But as a caregiver, you, too, need support and the right information to provide better care for your loved one. ExtendaTouch’s online idiopathic arthritis helpline has many members who have already gone through this experience, and they are ready to share information and advice with you.

Caring for a Person with Idiopathic Arthritis
Caring for a person with idiopathic arthritis can be stressful, challenging, and frustrating at times. You may feel sad, lose sleep, and even have emotional ups and downs. It is a common experience among caregivers because no one can do it all, every time.

In addition to managing the medicines and listening and empathizing for a child with JIA, you should take a break, educate yourself, and practice relaxation. Never hesitate to ask for help, advice, ideas, and information from the right people out there.

There is no better source than ExtendaTouch’s idiopathic arthritis online platform, where you can meet and communicate with our fellow caregivers who have had similar experiences. Our online idiopathic arthritis helpline is free and full of real supporters will provide you useful information that will make your caregiving journey a rewarding experience.

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