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Veteran Affinity
We are all aware of the service our military does for us, but many of us are not aware of the severe physical and mental health implications of serving in war zones. Many veterans have difficulty adjusting to society after they are discharged. This happens because they have spent so much time serving, or because of injuries, or even just the PTSD that many veterans develop as a result of their time in the armed forces.

ExtendaTouch’s affinity groups for veterans and military members in the United States allow you to build your community and network group. It is a good idea to join these groups to get help from other veterans. Besides getting emotional and mental support, these communities support networking so that you can get employment and adjust to living like a civilian again.

Getting Support Through Affinity Groups
Affinity groups for veterans may include veterans and military folks and family members of veterans who may be looking for ways to help their loved ones personally or professionally. These groups help veterans work towards common interests and goals. Given the variety of problems that veterans and military service members could face individually, the purpose of affinity groups is to provide them a smooth transition back into society and help them adjust.

ExtendaTouch makes it easier for veterans to connect with their community by taking it online. Join our veteran affinity group to communicate with other veterans from across the US and get help with career and personal development. It is an online service networking platform for people of similar experiences to gather and share their thoughts and ideas. If you’re looking for a community where you can meet people who relate, join now!

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