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Problems Faced by Native Americans
When one thinks about racial prejudice, many recent incidents come to mind. These may be directed at the black community or Asian Americans, but rarely do we hear about severe cases against the Native American community. As it happens, this is the modern form of racism against these indigenous people - erasure. When you look at the statistics, you see a significantly massive population drop in Native Americans from before Columbus arrived in America to today. Native Americans are facing problems when it comes to preserving their cultures and traditions and practicing their religions. The community also faces many problems in the corporate work environment.

Many non-natives may not know of these issues, but they are significant problems faced by the natives, who have to live each day in a society that refuses to accept them. However, as awareness about these problems rises, Native American affinity groups are now becoming more common. ExtendaTouch’s Native American affinity group provides you an inclusive platform to connect with your fellow Native Americans. The group offers the indigenous folks a safe and healthy environment where they do not feel shunned and are supported to keep their culture alive.

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Society is now moving towards bringing about diversity and inclusion, and many Native Americans can shed light on the problems they face and the possible solutions to these problems. However, this is not just a one-person job. It requires support, not only from allies but also from those within the community.

ExtendaTouch’s online affinity group allows Native Americans from all over the country to meet and join hands so they can revive and maintain their community and culture. These groups help you build your community, explore ways to support one another, and help each other with personal and career development. Join the community now and find the support you need.

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