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The LGBTQ Community 
The Civil Rights movement is well known as the most revolutionary event of the 1900s, but the Stonewall riots must not be forgotten either. Having been discriminated against for their gender and/or sexual orientation for hundreds of years, the LGBTQ community is now commonly found in all parts of the world. While acceptance has grown, many people still express harmful, LGBTQ-phobic views that have not just made it difficult for the community to live peacefully the way any other person would, but have also threatened to put their lives in danger. 

LGBTQ folks may not always come from families that support them. ExtendaTouch provides the LGBTQ community a group where they can be unabashedly themselves. You can join the group to discuss the needs and challenges faced by the community and celebrate the success of the community members. The safe online space for the community provides strength and belongingness to others who may feel that they do not fit elsewhere. 

Get Support From LGBTQ Affinity Groups 
Unlike other communities, the LGBTQ community is not based on inherent traits like race or color. They exist on a spectrum, with a wide variety of people, all of whom experience their gender or sexual expression differently. Thus, the most important thing LGBTQ affinity groups provide to the community the much-needed support to understand and accept their identity and learn how to get by in a society that discriminates against their forms of self-expression. 

ExtendaTouch’s online LGBTQ affinity group provides an extra level of ease for members of the community who may not have come out to their families yet. Being online, your anonymity and secrecy can be assured, and you can receive the support you need to get by. Come and join the online service and meet people who will help you find your space. 

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The National LGBT Cancer has some great information about LGBT caregivers: