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The Struggle of Latinos
Affinity groups first started as small and informal groups by corporate employees with shared interests. With the emphasis placed on diversifying different environments - from corporate to academic to entertainment - affinity groups have now become organizational mainstays of very high value. As of 2020, at least 18% of the total US population is Latinos. With such a large percent of the people belonging to this group, it is unsurprising that they would want to find a space for themselves where they can fit in and belong.

Latino affinity groups exist precisely for this purpose - to allow the Hispanic community to support each other. ExtendaTouch’s Latino affinity groups provide an online platform for the community to meet, exchange information, and extend support. It allows you to curate professional networks to further your career development. The group environment is highly accommodating, friendly, and nurturing. Here, you do not have to worry about being singled out due to your ethnicity since it is populated with people who relate.

Join Latino Affinity Groups
For the Hispanic community, prejudice doesn’t end with the feeling of ‘otherness.’ It extends to their ancestry due to the hostile relations between the English and the Spanish in the past. Many people refuse to acknowledge the deep-rooted problem of racism and prejudice against Latinos. As such, the Hispanic Latino community faces increasing trouble with acceptance in organizational settings.

ExtendaTouch provides Latinos from all over America access to these affinity groups by going online, extending the geographical reach, and eliminating locational barriers. By finding a space in these communities, you’ll receive the support you need for your personal and professional development. Join ExtendaTouch to connect with other members of your community and start getting all the benefits of an affinity group and more.

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