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The Truth About Disabilities
You may be surprised to know that only about 15% of people with disabilities are born with the condition, while one in every six people is likely to be disabled at some point in their lives. Despite these statistics, disability is treated as a rare occurrence, often leading to systemic procedures and regulations not being disability-friendly. Whether this is intentional or not being a separate issue, the fact remains that many disabled people end up facing many problems when it comes to simple, daily life matters.

While diversity and inclusiveness are receiving a lot of emphasis nowadays, we rarely see these attempts at diversity extending to people with disabilities. That is why having a disability-focused affinity group becomes essential, particularly in the corporate work environment. With the help of ExtendaTouch’s disabilities affinity groups, you can connect with other disabled people and create an environment to help each other. The networking group is an inclusive and more empathic online community where the troubles faced by disabled folks are acknowledged and resolved.

The Benefits of Online Disabilities Affinity Groups
While in the past, affinity groups have been mostly on-site, ExtendaTouch takes them online. This online space makes it easier for disabled people from across the country to make contact and support each other. From support for career development to personal growth and emotional support to exchange valuable information, ExtendaTouch’s groups make life easier for people with disabilities.

These groups support folks with disabilities of all kinds, be it invisible or visible. They allow you to find a space where you get a feeling of belongingness. Join the community now, and meet others like you to find your space and fit in.

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