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The Model Minority Myth
Despite the many issues regarding race and racial prejudice in the United States, many still believe that being the model minority resolves any and all problems faced by Asian-Americans. Perhaps not faced with the same level of discrimination as other people of color, Asian and Pacific Islanders still frequently see themselves on the receiving end of many prejudices that they face due to their racial and cultural backgrounds.

Simply put, Asian cultural norms are dramatically different from those of other cultures in America. Often, this may set Pacific Americans apart from the others, even putting them in a place of ridicule. With the help of affinity groups, Asian people can get around this problem. ExtendaTouch’s affinity groups Asian allows you to find your space to build community and contribute to your own and others’ professional development. These online groups enable the Asian American community to empower each other and exchange information and support.

How do Affinity Groups of Asian Help?
Many corporations in the US are also using affinity groups to promote diversity and inclusion. These organizations provide their employees with space where they feel comfortable and can receive the level of understanding that they may not expect to receive otherwise. With the collective Asian experience being drastically different from those of non-Asian folks, having affinity groups where they feel understood helps resolve many problems faced by the community.

Taking advantage of the Internet, ExtendaTouch takes its affinity groups online, thereby eliminating the geographical barrier. It allows Asian-Americans to quickly meet more people from their community, who would be able to provide unbiased support and nurture them in the face of injustice and discrimination. Join the Asian online service now and start getting help for your personal and professional development.

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