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Affinity Groups - Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
The history of affinity groups in the United States dates back to the 1970s, with black affinity groups being one of the first to be established, primarily as a response to racial discrimination and unrest faced by the African American community at the time. Nowadays, with so much emphasis on diversity and inclusion all at once, many corporations have established employee resource groups to allow members of various cultures and communities to initiate conversation. There are groups dedicated to the black affinity that provide black employees access to resources that will allow for greater professional development and support.

Black employee resource groups are still as relevant as they were back in the 70s. Perhaps they have become even more impactful in recent times with the growing racial unrest and Black Lives Matter movement. With communication so easily established over the internet, ExtendaTouch’s online affinity groups give black people from across America the opportunity to build an online community. It allows you to give and receive support and help promote diversity and belongingness.

Black Affinity Groups
Affinity groups have helped many black people find a space for themselves in an environment that may make them feel like they are unable to be accepted due to prejudice, or receive support when faced with anti-Blackness from their peers.

ExtendaTouch provides the black community with a safe and welcoming online space where they will receive support in different life facets, including professional development. It helps you connect and interact with people from your community and help make life easier for each other. Join our group now, request contact with our members, and start exchanging information and support.

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