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Cultural Affinity
The United States is a melting pot of different cultures, races, and ethnicities, and it’s easy to feel different from other people. These differences can even develop a sense of loneliness for many people. Although all of us lay claim to our individual identities shaped by our experiences in the world, having one thing in common - like race or culture - can bind us together and allow us to become a part of a community based on these parts of our identity. Cultural affinity groups exist for this reason - to provide an inclusive space for you, where you can build a community by interacting with more people. 

ExtendaTouch has online affinity groups that allow you and others from your community to come together and help each other in a variety of ways. The group of equity and inclusion helps you get online support and belongingness. It also promotes professional development within the community and expands your community outreach through networking. By building a collective voice, an affinity group enables you to foster support for your fellow members.

Cultural Affinity Groups
Affinity groups commonly have student organizations that build cultural communion by helping different groups come together and support each other. Cultural events are common with affinity groups, with a goal to allow people from other cultural backgrounds to learn more about your culture.

By taking these online, ExtendaTouch allows for a much larger audience that can join in and allow community members to establish contact. Interaction within a cultural community is a vital part of keeping a culture alive amid many others. With online interaction growing more and more, having an online cultural affinity group can help you get in touch with professionals and others from your community, giving you a space to belong. Connect with ExtendaTouch’s online service now and help empower your fellow members.

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