How ExtendaTouch is like AAA

AAA., with over 60 million members, has been helping automobile drivers since 1902, helping drivers in distress when they had a flat tire.

ExtendaTouch is the same for caregivers. You can connect with others in times of immediate need. Your participation may be sporadic or often, depending on your needs and those of your care recipients.

We are creating a National Coalition for caregivers who will support each other with tips, lessons learned, and support. Everyone is anonymous, making it possible to chat or leave messages with other caregivers about topics like OCD and other sensitive issues without the stigma of identifying yourself.

ExtendaTouch is free. We do not collect phone numbers or have cookies to track you, like Facebook and other social media platforms. We are cyber safe and provide an opportunity within our platform, organized by subject, to make relevant personal connections online in times of need. You can then use any web browser within ExtendaTouch to link directly to national and the closest local resources in over 250 cities in the topics we cover for more support. 

Like AAA, we are negotiating with product and service providers to provide discounts for ExtendaTouch members. We know how hard it is for most of you to afford the out-of-pocket costs for even the basic necessities for your loved ones.

You are invited to join ExtendaTouch, explore the platform, and participate as you feel comfortable. When you need assistance or want to generously tell your story and help others with less experience, it will make your caregiving journey less stressful and more satisfying.

We will send just one email weekly, letting you know about other members actively seeking help or posting an anonymous comment for information and support. Together, we will take care of each other.   

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