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We are all familiar with AAA. It is the go-to organization when we have a flat tire or need a tow.  That’s why it has over 60 million members.

ExtendaTouch is the go-to organization for caregivers. Being a caregiver is hard work that often goes unappreciated.  And it can be lonely.  We want to help by connecting you with other caregivers. Like a AAA membership, your participation may be sporadic or often, depending on your needs.

We are creating a National Coalition for caregivers. Members will provide each other with lessons learned, simple time, and support when it matters most.  Just like when you need that tow truck.

Like AAA, we are negotiating with product and service providers to provide discounts for ExtendaTouch members. We know how hard it is for most of you to afford the out-of-pocket costs for even the basic necessities for your loved ones.

ExtendaTouch is free. We don’t collect phone numbers or have cookies to track you like social media platforms. Our platform is organized by subject, so it’s easy to make relevant personal connections and ask for help in times of need.  And all participation is anonymous.

Together, we will take care of each other.   

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Connect with Others about Caregiver Support

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