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ExtendaTouch Adds Partnership Expansion with the Organization for Autism Research

September 2021

OAR provides outreach for their stakeholders to access a free caregiver account at ExtendaTouch

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ExtendaTouch, the innovative digital platform for caregivers to connect with each other, today announced a partnership with the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). Under the terms of the agreement, OAR will provide outreach for their stakeholders to access a free caregiver account at ExtendaTouch. The agreement will provide additional opportunities for families impacted by autism to support one another and widely disseminate information.

“ExtendaTouch provides a pathway for more families with autistic children and adults to collaborate who have similar experiences across multiple non-profit and for-profit organizations. By opening opportunities for more collaboration and support, ExtendaTouch is expanding our combined resources. We want to encourage our stakeholders to have access to this service and benefit from working together,” said Mike Maloney, Executive Director of OAR.

ExtendaTouch solves the problem of inefficiencies in an ad-hoc support system in the marketplace for caregivers. The Company specializes in matching the needs of caregivers with peer-to-peer support. Family and professional caregivers have enormous amounts of knowledge and experience. ExtendaTouch is the go-to organization for caregivers who are often overwhelmed, isolated, and lonely.

“We are providing a centralized platform for caregivers across the autism spectrum to work together to find individual solutions to shared issues, promote opportunities for those on the spectrum, call for an end to the stigmatization, and support legislation to promote equality. The broad coalition will provide caregivers combined strength and a path to achieve common missions by working together. It’s the reason we created ExtendaTouch. Our goal is to help caregivers connect with each other to safely share information and enhance their efforts to protect and provide what is needed for the individuals they love and support,” said Andy Cramer, Founder of ExtendaTouch. 

ExtendaTouch is a caregiver support network with a platform that enables fast, private, personal connections between caregivers. Contact is opt-in, and profiles are anonymous, allowing the caregivers to discuss sensitive topics, including self-care, without fear of stigma.

About ExtendaTouch
ExtendaTouch is a tech company that has developed a unique platform for relevantly matching caregivers. Their vision is to relieve overwhelmed family and paid caregivers worldwide and produce better outcomes for those needing chronic or occasional care. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, ExtendaTouch is free and can be accessed at  For press inquiries contact:

About OAR
OAR is a national non-profit located in Arlington, Virginia, whose singular focus is on applied research and its resource materials’ quality and practical value. The studies they fund and the information resources they provide have meaning in the day-to-day lives of persons with autism and their families. They fund pilot studies on education, parent and teacher training, communication, self-care, social skills, employment, behavior, and adult and community issues. In pursuing its efforts to change lives, its ultimate focus is quality of life. For press inquiries, contact:

Andy Cramer,
Phone: 415 847-4988     

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