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Caregivers, share your feelings and thoughts

Caregivers are the backbone of our broken healthcare system. If you are a caregiver or have been a caregiver in the past we need your help.

We want to amplify your thoughts and feelings for everyone to have a better understanding of how you manage working and caregiving, or how you feel after caring for someone for years.

Our caregiving contest is just an incentive for you to create a short video. We will be awarding the best video $500 and for the first ten videos a $25 gift certificate of your choice. You can check to see if any spots are left by clicking on this YouTube link

We suggest you create a vertical video for 30 seconds or less, so it can be shown on all social media sites. But if you have you have a compelling story to tell, Facebook and TikTok can be up to two minutes long. 

Thank you for sharing your journey. You can do it anonymously and share thoughts without any family members showing. This is a way for the public is more aware of your sacrifices and courage, and to understand how important it is for you to vocally advocate for them. 

This is a link to the contest:

Good luck and thank you for participating!

Connect with Others about Caregiver Support

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