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Frontline Heatth Care Burnout

“Front-line care workers have been called heroes throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them don’t feel like it….what’s more, admitting to or seeking mental health care is deeply stigmatized in medicine. Doctors and nurses aren’t supposed to show weakness or admit that the stress of their work is affecting them, even during extreme circumstances like a pandemic…”The pandemic has merely worsened what was already a “crisis” of health care worker burnout, said Aisha Terry, an emergency physician in Washington, D.C. Terry also serves on the board of directors of the Irving, Texas-based American College of Emergency Physicians.Research before the pandemic found that as many as half of doctors reported being burned out, and other studies found up to 20% of nurses and emergency physicians experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The rate of suicide among doctors is more than double that of the general public. The Physicians Foundation survey found that more than one-fifth of doctors know a fellow physician who died by suicide.”More here, plus a video:

Connect with Others about Caregiver Support

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