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Safetly Getting Back to Normal

We are breaking the chains of our self-quarantined existence, and it’s essential we do it safely. You can minimize risk while still feeling free. Keep your family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers safe by practicing social distancing and wearing masks for a while longer. As we open ExtendaTouch during a soft launch, you may join for free and participate, after identifying a subject you care about. Every additional entry provides more substance to ExtendaTouch, and as more caregivers like you assemble, prompt personal connections will be available 24/7. Participation creates inspiration, hope, love, and support for you and other caregivers like yourself.ExtendaTouch is unique. It is the only entirely free site that effectively matches caregivers by enabling secure opt-in anonymous, private, and personal connections. Please join today and help us grow.

Connect with Others about Caregiver Support

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