My name is Andy Cramer, and I'm Al's best friend, husband, and partner. For the past 20 years, we have been creating technology for various for-profit and non-profit industries. We have become experts in assembling communities with common interests and supplying innovative ways to serve unfulfilled needs and enhance experiences.  

We feel that storytelling is intrinsic to our society and can bring joy and education to people of all ages. Storytelling is 10,000 years old and most likely the oldest form of emotional communication and learning. Remember that storytelling predates writing and requires a storyteller and a good listener.

We are currently working on a child's book using AI using technology that will allow the audience to communicate with an IOT device and choose different paths to create different endings. Designed for middle school children, we are imagining people of all ages being able to set up their stories and add content. 

Our primary focus is eldercare. It's particularly close to me since I am in my late 60's and my mother has been in assisted living for years. She's had back surgery and advanced arthritis and is unable to walk more than a few steps. Added to that, she has late stage macular degeneration and is hard of hearing.  Her isolation is painful, and Al and I bought her an Echo, hoping it would provide company and allow her to listen to the books she enjoys. She enjoys listening to music, but at 90 and almost blind, she is unable to remember or read the commands to wake up Alexa and ask for specific books or explore new forms of entertainment. My mother was an avid reader her whole life and even learned to convert books into Braille 30 years ago. Now, unable to manage to get out and around has created a feeling of isolation. Last week she told me that she is lonely and bored and that any voice would be a blessing; even one that is AI generated.  

I'm going to continue to write about our progress. As a baby boomer, I can see what is ahead. Forbes reported, "By 2020, 117 million Americans are expected to need the assistance of some kind, yet the overall number of unpaid caregivers is only projected to reach 45 million". Advances in AI will allow facial recognition and elder Americans will be more able to exercise their minds, speak with their families, remember to take medication and have an assistant who will provide choices and companionship. 



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    I'm an entrepreneur, community builder and technology innovator who deeply cares for those of us who end up alone in a home or a room with nothing to do and no way to do it.  The technology is here, and with some effort, we can bring it to those in need of a companion or access point to family and society. This project will be helpful beyond measure and is necessary right now everywhere someone sits alone suffering from the disconnected loneliness and loss of purpose.  There are vital members of our society within this community within our reach.


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