Amazon's release of the Echo gives users a device that can be spoken to from any direction in the house and carry out commands like reading audio-books, listening to music or learning from Wikipedia by asking questions.  "I has been a wonderful addition to my life as boredom nearly overtook me!  Now I can listen to my books and hear a knock-knock joke once in a while" says Caryl Burgess of McAllen Tx.



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    I'm an entrepreneur, community builder and technology innovator who deeply cares for those of us who end up alone in a home or a room with nothing to do and no way to do it.  The technology is here, and with some effort, we can bring it to those in need of a companion or access point to family and society. This project will be helpful beyond measure and is necessary right now everywhere someone sits alone suffering from the disconnected loneliness and loss of purpose.  There are vital members of our society within this community within our reach.


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